Employment Law: Protecting California Workers

At Tuttle & McCloskey, we have a vast amount of experience and are dedicated to representing workers throughout the State of California in disputes with their employers. We sue employers to recover unpaid wages, expenses and associated penalties on behalf of our clients. We also sue employers on claims of discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, and employers' failure to accommodate employees with qualifying disabilities. Our primary concern is that our clients are properly paid by their employers and that they are able to work in a discrimination free environment as California and Federal law require.

More and more it seems that the average worker is being taken advantage of by their employers. Theft of wages and/or labor, where an employer fails to properly pay its workers, is on the rise. This can take many forms including: failure to pay overtime; minimum wage violations; having employees work off the clock without pay; illegal deductions in pay or misclassifying workers as independent contractors when really they should be treated as employees. We have found that some employers, especially large nationwide employers either don't care to familiarize themselves with the subtle differences between California law and Federal law or intentionally don't follow California law believing that it is a profitable business practice to improperly pay their employees. Their rationale is that only some workers will stand up to the company and demand that they be paid correctly while they make money on the backs of those workers who don't stand up for themselves or don't know to in the first place.

Our firm is here to help level the playing field between employers and employees and to ensure that workers are treated fairly and according to law. We have decades of experience helping people with: