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Don't be fooled by employee misclassification myths

Sometimes employers take advantage of their workers by misclassifying them as contract workers when they actually are company employees. Additionally, the laws are ambiguous enough that a worker may qualify as an employee under federal laws but still retain his or her status as an independent contractor (IC) under California state laws.

Is your company paying you a fair wage under the law?

Compared to many others around the country, California has long been a state that enforced wage laws that protected its workers. For example, the California Equal Pay Act prohibits employers from paying lower wages to workers of one gender than the workers of the opposite gender who do the same jobs.

California agricultural workers may be victims of wage theft

California's agriculture industry is a vital part of the economy. While this industry provides much-needed employment for many people, some employees are not receiving the pay they are entitled to under the state's current wage and hour laws. This is generally known as theft of wages and all members of the agriculture industry should know that it is illegal.


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