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Attorney General denies transgender workers protection

This week, Attorney General Sessions issued a directive to prosecutors for the federal government. As such, the AG stated that "in all pending and future matters,'' the position of the Justice Dept. will be that transgender men and women are not protected from workplace discrimination by current federal civil rights laws.

Gender diversity drama swirls around Google memo, firing

By now, almost everyone has heard about the engineer for Google who got fired earlier this week because of a reported violation of the code of conduct for the company. His dismissal was related to the release of an allegedly sexist memo the employee wrote about diversity, which read in part, "We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism."

Is workplace discrimination or harassment the same as bullying?

If you have ever felt like new terms for old behaviors arise all the time, you are not alone. The nation as a whole has gained more awareness about workplace discrimination in general. As a result, authority figures try to come up with more clearly defined terminology as they work to address these concerns within the boundaries of the law. Bullying within the scope of employment is one of these areas of concern.

Fighting workplace discrimination for workers in the Valley

At the Tuttle and McCloskey law firm, we care about the workers who help make Fresno a great place to live. We would like to launch our new blog by focusing on one of the most tragic areas of employment: workplace discrimination. Although we live in a contemporary and enlightened world, discrimination in the workplace still exists.


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