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An Established Firm With A Hard-Earned Reputation

Tuttle & McCloskey, PC, has a long history of providing effective and pragmatic legal representation to its clients. Since 1939, when Ernest H. Tuttle II began his legal career in the Central Valley, our mission has not changed: We strive to vindicate, protect and enforce the rights of workers, teachers, and those suffering injuries, as well as to provide practical and sound advice to individuals regarding their estate plans and to business owners regarding the formation and operations of their businesses.

Planning For The Future

You have worked hard to build your legacy and want to protect what you have earned. Whether you are starting a business, need to draft a contract or hope to secure your assets through an estate plan, our attorneys are here for you. We also assist clients with the probate and estate administration of loved ones. Let us help you preserve and grow what you have built.

On The Side Of Workers

At Tuttle & McCloskey, PC, we believe all employees should be treated with respect and be justly compensated. If you have suffered harassment, have not been paid what is owed you in hourly wages or overtime, or you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, we can help. We have been here for you for decades, and we will be here for you in the years to come. We can typically arrange to meet within 24 hours.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Ernest H. Tuttle 

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Daniel T. McCloskey 

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Joshua F. Richtel

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Craig R. Meredith

Teachers: We Are Here For You

For decades, we have worked closely with California Teachers Association members, as well as assisting many workers throughout California. Whether you need assistance with negotiation, litigation or challenging unfair discipline, we can meet your legal needs. If you have experienced withholding of wages or been laid off, dismissed or suspended, or have had your tenure threatened or denied, we will protect your rights. With nearly 50 years of education law experience, we understand the importance of your livelihood, experience and character. Our mission is to serve your legal needs on your timeline and in the manner most helpful to you.