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An Earned Reputation For Success: Reliable, Ready And Responsive

At Tuttle & McCloskey, PC, we take pride in our reputation. Our extensive combined experience shines through in the impact we make. Perhaps the most accurate statements about us come from what our clients say. They have said we are very responsive. They have said that they have come to us in a tough situation and left happy with the results. Whether your case involves employment law, education law, business organization, estate planning or personal injury law, our commitment to your satisfaction does not waiver. To read more about our attorneys, click on the links below:

Our Legal Services Are Just One Way We Serve Our Community

The lawyers at Tuttle & McCloskey not only work in the valley, but we also live here. We are active members of our community because we believe that helping one another is the best way for all of us to succeed. We volunteer to help the families of burn victims and those who have been severely injured by raising awareness and providing for the families’ physical needs: toiletries, food and clothing. On weekends and evenings, we spend time with children whose families have suffered or are dealing with serious health issues by organizing activities, games and holiday festivities.

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We’re ready to start working with you on your case to get you the results you deserve. Call us at 559-500-3393 or reach out online. We look forward to hearing from you.