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Did one of these sexual harassment scenarios happen to you?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment comes in many forms, and if you think sexual harassment is rare — or less common — in the modern world, you’re mistaken. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to talk with one California worker who hasn’t experienced or witnessed this kind of abuse on the job.

Aside from its prevalence, perhaps the most unfortunate thing about sexual harassment is the fact that people who are victimized by the abuse tend to stay quiet. Men and women who find themselves subjected to demeaning sexual banter, comments about their body or an onslaught of sexual offers often let the abuse continue, thinking that if they speak up, they will suffer employment setbacks as a result — or worse, lose their job.

Here are three types of sexual harassment that you may have experienced:

  • Unwanted touching: There is no reason why any coworker or superior should touch you on the job. If someone comes up behind you and starts to rub your shoulders or if someone touches your body in any way shape or form, and you did not invite or give permission, this person is certainly out of line.
  • Quid pro quo offers: Quid pro quo sexual harassment refers to a request that you do something — it might be to go out on a date for drinks, or it might be a sexual favor — in exchange for something. You might be offered a raise, a promotion or you might be told that you can keep your job if you satisfy the request. This is completely unlawful.

These are just two types of sexual harassment, but they are common throughout California workplaces. Tuttle & Mccloskey is doing its part to eliminate this kind of behavior from California jobs. If you’ve suffered from this kind of abuse, we can help you make it stop.