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The law can help if your employee rights have been violated

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Employee Rights |

Periodically in our blog, we like to remind workers in the Fresno area of California that they have employee rights under the law. Anytime these rights are violated, workers in the Valley should consider taking steps to correct the violations. At the very least, drawing attention to the ways in which companies can violate employee rights is an important service to all workers.

Now that you know you know you have rights, you might wonder what they are. Well, there are many, and it would take several blog posts to talk about them all. However, we will list a few of the most common to help increase your awareness about employee rights.

The right to overtime pay: California labor law mandates that employees who work more than eight hours per day and/or 40 hours per week must be compensated additionally.

The right to minimum wage: In California, the current minimum wage is $10.00 per hour.

The right to breaks: The law ensures that workers in the state get a meal break of one half hour when scheduled to work for five or more hours. Further, employers must provide staff members with one or more 10-minute rest periods throughout the workday, depending upon their work schedules.

The right to workers’ compensation: Those injured in the California workplace are legally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. It is a violation of the law and of employee rights to discourage a worker from filing a workers’ comp claim.

It is probably safe to assume that most employers in the Valley strive to treat their workers fairly. However, anytime you honestly feel that your employee rights are in danger, look to the law for assistance. Consulting with an attorney can help you identify any violations. Please see our website for additional information.